The All Cancers Congress (ACC) is coordinated by the International Myeloma Foundation to bring together patient advocacy organizations whose mission is focused on one or more forms of cancer and who operate within the federal policy and regulatory space.  Too often, cancer advocacy organizations work on projects and set goals without the support or knowledge of other likeminded groups. Only after an initiative is undertaken do outside organizations become aware of a new program issue area or policy push.  The goal of the ACC is to break the current silo model and establish an open venue for any cancer group to share and discuss ideas so that everyone interested can become involved at the ground floor.  By pooling our knowledge bases and resources, we believe we can greatly enhance our effectiveness for our patient populations, specifically in the areas of prevention, innovation, and equality of access.

COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic the members of the ACC quickly realized that there would be specific needs of the cancer community.  We immediately began meeting on a weekly basis to discuss cancer specific concerns related to access for patients and how certain responses to the pandemic may impact access.  We wrote letters to state governors on issues such as expanding 90-day supply and discriminatory pandemic plans.


News and Events